5 Best Free Blog Hosting Websites to Make Your Free Blog Site

The term blog is a short form of web log. Thus blogs are a website or journal on which people write up information or personal ideas on a daily basis. Recently, the use of blogging has increased immensely, it is one of the best ways to show your online presence and it shows how the internet cycles out information. There are several free blog hosting platforms that can provide you with the benefits to make a free blog and services that are related to blogging. However it is important to know how much industry support you would get while looking for the best blog. The following are the 5 best free blog hosting website to make your free blog site.

  1. Blogger

Blogger is one of the most popular and frequently used free blog hosting web platform that is owned by Google. One of the reasons why blogger has gained a lot of popularity is because it is owned and founded by Google. Blogger has no payment fee and provides the user with all the support that they need. There are several thousand free templates and themes available on blogger. It is vital to use your Google account to create your blog at blogger. Moreover you can more than one blog with just one Gmail account.

  1. Tumblr

Day after day, the popularity of tumblr is increasing and is gaining more awareness. The platform is a great place to create several blogs and post various contents. People can follow other users’ blogs and have the option of making the blogs private as well. Tumblr is a great blogging platform that is easy to use has several templates and has a friendly customization.

  1. Live Journal

Live journal is another free blogging platform that does not cost a penny to its users. It is a simple to use platform that is easily customizable. Live journal is a great platform for blogging that provides its users with features such as calendars, polls, multiple authors etc.

  1. WordPress

After blogger, wordpress is seen to have the most popularity. It has unique features such as themes, widgets, plug-ins, pages creation, SEO friendly interface etc that makes the platform a great platform as compared to other blogging sites.

  1. Xanga

Xanga is another blogging platform where people can create blogs. It was created to be used as a book and music review website but now it has more than 40 million users. They have recently started providing URL creations and a site level search.

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