All You Need to Know about Expired Domains

Most first-time domain buyers are unaware that buying a domain name does not mean it’s yours for good, whether it’s an expensive or cheap domain. These domain names have to be renewed after a certain period, say a month, six months, a year or more. If the expiry period elapses without renewing the domain name, it is auctioned, and someone else might snap it up. Let’s get to the details of what happens after the expiry of a domain name:

  1. Renewing your hosting website’s domain name

When the registration period of your domain name is closing down, you must renew it to be able to keep it. Smart individuals will set up their domain names to ‘’auto-renew’’ with their registrar just to give them a piece of mind. Those who are not decided on whether they want to keep the domain names for good will renew their domains manually.

If you fail to renew your domain, the following things will happen (but they vary from one registrar to another).

  1. Warning and prompts to renew almost expired domain

Before the expiry date of your domain name, the reseller will send you warnings and prompts to renew your domain name. Most people ignore these warnings and prompt, or maybe they don’t have cash at that time.

  1. What happens after your hosting website’s the domain expires?

Luckily, after the expiry period, the registrar or reseller will give you time (grace period) to own the domain name again. The grace period varies among domain name resellers. Some have 30 days grace periods while others, 40 days.

  1. What happens after the grace period for the expired domain elapses?

Happily, most resellers still give you an opportunity to renew your domain name after the grace period expires. This period is called redemption grace period, which also varies from one reseller to another. Most resellers have set the redemption period at 30 days. Within this redemption period, you can still reclaim your domain name; only you’ll have to pay a ‘’late penalty fee’’ on top of the regular domain registration fee.

  1. What happens after the redemption grace period for the expired domain elapses?

If you allow the redemption grace period to elapse without renewing your domain name, the rights to the domain name are taken away from you completely. The domain can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. If the auction period expires without someone purchasing the domain name, it’s listed in other reseller sites at a fair price.

If the domain name doesn’t get a buyer in the reseller sites, it’s returned to the registry, where any individual can purchase it by performing a domain search availability.