Buy already registered domain names

Have you thought about few exquisite domain names for your business? Bummer! They are already taken by someone else. No need to panic as you can buy already registered domain names as well. Many people sell registered domain names and surprisingly some aren’t that expensive either.

Search the listings for the domain name

Once you find out that a certain domain name isn’t available, search for that domain name in various domain providers’ websites. Many owners would list their domain names for a premium price. You will have to purchase the domain name on that premium however the monthly renewals will be on regular prices after that. Purchase the domain name from a credible source for security and assurance that the rights have been transferred completely to you.

 Check the contact form of the domain name

Occasionally people buy domain names to re-sell them and make a profit off them. They tend to “park” them as parked pages filled with advertisements while they wait for a buyer. Therefore check if the domain name is actually being utilized for a website or is merely parked only. In case, it’s parked only than you can contact the owner directly and negotiate the pricing.

Contacting the owner of the domain name

In case you can’t find the listing for the domain name and aren’t able to see any parked pages. It’s recommended to use the domain search (WHOIS) to find the owner. By simply searching for the domain name, you can get the owner’s address, phone number and email address. You can correspond with the owner further through these options. Emails might remain answered therefore directly calling or sending a letter to their address is recommended. Going the old-school way sometimes can do wonders as emails are mostly spammed.

If you can’t convince the domain owner to sell you the domain name or aren’t able to contact them through any means, don’t panic. You still have the option to purchase the same domain name with another extension so it matches your business. Purchasing different extension of the same domain name may not give you all the required traffic to your website. Still it is better than purchasing a completely different domain name.

Lastly, we’ll say that don’t give up on the domain name. There are plenty ideas for a cool domain name for your business. Just keep thinking and seeing the various listings!

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